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Stall Application

Stall spots have been filled for 2023.



    Food Stallholder applicants must also complete and return the Georges River Council Registration of Temporary Food Stall form.


    The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Festival stallholders are not permitted to consume
    or sell alcohol during attendance at the Festival.


    All stallholders will be provided with a 2.4m x 2.4m standard fete stall (w/3 benches)

    Additional site option

    Please provide photos and list measurements of the vehicle or stall. Accepted formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, with a limit of 1MB per photo

    Alternative please upload files via, copy the share link and paste below .


    If you have any special requirements, please provide the details. The organisers will endeavour to meet
    any reasonable requests.


    Public and Product liability insurance cover for the event is essential (min $20M)

    A copy of your current policy must be provided with this application.

    Upload a current copy of your Insurance Policy. (Acceptable format is PDF with a limit of 2MB)

    Alternatively, please upload files via, copy the share link and paste below .


    POWER COST: $80.00 plus GST per 10amp or 15amp (3.2 kilowatts) single phase outlets.

    Please note that no changes can be made to the electrical requirements 14 days before the festival.

    Please tick if you require power to your site:


    Once application is approved, our team will be in contact with you to discuss fees and payment details.

    Before submitting this application please refer to the detailed AGREEMENT TERMS below


    If this application is accepted by the organisers of ‘Greek Summer Festival’, I/we agree to abide to the following rules and regulations:

    • I / we will provide public and product liability insurance cover for our stall to a minimum of $10,000,000.00, and workers compensation insurance for our employees.
    • I/we understand that the organisers of ‘Greek Summer Festival’ are not bound to indemnify us in relation to any losses arising from an action against us.
    • I/we will provide such other insurance for our own benefit, including insurance in respect to loss, spoilage or theft of product and equipment, and loss of profits as we may require.
    • I/we understand that the organisers of ‘Greek Summer Festival’ shall not be liable to us for any such losses.
    • I/we will provide my/our own tent, caravan or stall. I/we are aware that there may be requirements to comply with current building regulations, and I/we agree to comply with any such regulations. All structures are to be of sound construction and presentation, including attached signage and the organisers of ‘Greek Summer Festival’ reserve the right to inspect and where not satisfied request alteration, modification or removal.
    • I/we will comply with all relevant Council, Liquor Licensing requirements, Fire and Workplace Safety Standards including electrical safety. I/we understand that site inspections will be undertaken, and
    • I/we understand it is our responsibility to ensure that the appropriate regulations are followed.
    • I/we shall not invite, allow or permit other persons or groups, other than those included on this application form to share or use my/our site.
    • I/we acknowledge that the event organisers shall not be liable to us in respect to any damage, harm, loss or consequential loss arising from any damage, deterioration, spoilage or loss by way of theft, power loss, or otherwise of any product or ingredient belonging to us, and that we are and shall remain solely responsible for the safe keeping and storage of such products. In particular, we acknowledge that the event organisers advise against the storage of perishables and/or natural products within stalls overnight and that any such storage shall be at our own risk entirely. While event organisers provide power to sites and every endeavour is made to provide continuity of supply,
    • I/we acknowledge that event organisers are not responsible for items outside of their direct control i.e. general Aurora power failure and stallholder equipment tripping out the common earth leakage.
    • That event organisers may, for reasons including public safety and inclement weather, move the event to another location, cancel the event, or part of, and
    • I/we agree that no subsequent claim of compensation or of any nature can be made against the event organisers as a result of this. I/we agree to be bound by the following rules of the event organisers including:


    No stall can sell coffee including Greek style Frappe or coffee unless specified. All stalls may sell water and soft drinks.


    Please ensure no alcohol is served or sold as there is a strict no alcohol policy by the Council.


    All stalls must have the items they’re selling approved by the event organisers in writing to ensure fair play amongst all stallholders.


    You may distribute flyers and other promotional material within your space.

    No advertising material (such as banners) or obstruction of any form is allowed outside the designated stall area including between the sites.

    The distribution of any promotional material such as brochures, flyers, business cards and any other collateral is restricted to within your allocated stand. Distribution in all common areas including café area, live stage seating and presentation stage seating is not permitted.

    While stallholders are encouraged to pursue novel and interactive methods of attracting interest in their stall, practices disadvantaging others or endangering patrons will be discouraged.


    All signage displayed must be approved by the organisers in writing.


    Exhibitors must ensure that all payments are paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of the signed agreement. Non-compliance to contracted payment terms and conditions may result in the forfeit of the exhibition space and subsequent resale to another exhibitor as per the signed agreement.

    Once document is signed, no refunds will be given unless the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organisers control.


    Excessive noise such that it inconveniences other stallholders of the festival will not be allowed.


    Exhibitors are reminded that it is a contractual requirement to attend and occupy the space at the exhibition and to ensure their display meets or exceeds the standards and regulations as set out in this manual.


    No power is available at the stalls.


    Please ensure you bring all the required equipment to run your stall on the day, including trolleys or other moving equipment if you require it.

    Exhibitors are required to bring their own trolley for moving boxes and collateral from storage to the stand. There will be no trolleys available for use during the event, bump in or bump out.


    Exhibitors are required to dispose of any rubbish using the bins provided near the storage areas, not the bins throughout the venue for public use. Ensure any boxes are flattened and placed in recycling bins provided near storage areas. Do not dump empty boxes in the storage area, ensure these are broken down and placed in skip bins provided by the venue.

    PLEASE NOTE: The organisers of ‘Greek Summer Festival’ will be in contact with you once the stallholder list is finalised.

    For further information, please contact:

    George Koromvokis,

    If application is unsuccessful, I agree to abide by the organiser’s decision and will not enter into any form of correspondence with the Committee or Festival Coordinator.

    Please advise if your application is unsuccessful, whether you want to be placed on a waiting list, you will be contacted if a site becomes vacant.

    Greek Summer Festival
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